22 Clues


¨Stretching the 89 km between Stansted and Gatwick airport, the Great Belt Tour is designed to solve once and for all the messy complications and inconveniencies of tourism, both to the city and its visitors. The majestic arches of this causeway pass alongside the city´s most visible attractions – the Gherkin, London Bridge, City Hall, St Paul´s, Tate Modern, London Eye, Cleopatra´s Needle, Westminster and Buckingham Palace, as well as the natural landscape around the city. The seven levels of the structure move at different speeds, allowing for perfectly timed trips lasting up to two weeks, with the fastest, a roller-coaster configuration, taking thirty minutes.¨ [1]

The 22 Clues is a collection of extrapolations made on the contemporary mechanism behind tourism. They form an ironic reflection on the current situation of saturation of hot-spots within tourism, where the image has become means of exploitation. It opposes to a single sided view on status symbols such as ¨Bas has been here¨ by means of its own medium.

A selection of the 22 clues was published in an article entitled ¨Wonderfull¨ in MONU#13 Most Valuable Urbanism

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    Samenwerking met Hans Larsson, Michiel van Loon
    Datum oktober 2010
    Gepubliceerd in MONU magazine